Horror Addicts Guide to Life Author Spotlight: Sandra Harris


Sandra Harris writes fiction, poetry and movie reviews. For Horror Addicts Guide To Life  Sandra wrote an article called How Hammer Horror Changed My Life. In her article Sandra talks about how being a fan of Hammer Horror and finding a community of like minded fans led her to be a writer. To read Sandra’s article along with several other articles on living the horror lifestyle, pick up a copy of Horror Addicts Guide To Life.Recently Sandra was nice enough to tell us what he likes about horror:

What do you like about the horror genre?

HammerDraculaI came to worship at the altar of the horror genre late enough in comparison to those who were born suckling at its unholy teat. For most of my life, I was timid and nervous and I thought that books and films featuring bloodsucking vampires, devils (horny or otherwise), demons, zombies, witches…

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