dracula mina again




It was evening now and Jack Walton’s Tavern, the focal point of the little village of Birney, was full to capacity. Earlier, the villagers en masse had attended yet another funeral, that of young Millie Myers who’d disappeared while walking through the woods at night several weeks ago. In the absence of a body, a coffin filled with bricks had been lowered into the grave, while Millie’s distraught parents sobbed at the graveside, surrounded by neighbours.

Simeon Randall, her lover, was at the bar now talking to his younger brother Jamie, his partner in the coach business they ran jointly. Simeon, not normally given to expressing his feelings openly, was badly shaken by Millie’s disappearance.

If only she hadn’t gone home through that bloody forest! Every woman who’d walked through that accursed place in the last year or thereabouts had gone missing, vanished into thin air as if they’d never existed. No bloodied corpses had been found either, corpses that might have given the anxious villagers a clue as how the women had died.

First his brother Jamie’s lover Rowena Sampson, though no-one but Simeon knew that Jamie and Rowena had been sleeping together. Rowena’s father and brother would have torn Jamie’s handsome head from his shoulders for defiling Arthur Sampson’s youngest daughter.

Then, of course, Rowena’s older sister Jessie, married with a beautiful chubby baby daughter Tabitha, had gone missing. She’d gone out one evening to put flowers on Rowena’s grave, though as with Millie, no corpse lay in the coffin buried beneath the simple headstone. Jessie never came home. Her husband and child had been devastated by her loss.

Two or three more young women and girls had gone missing from the village after the two Sampson sisters, and then poor little Millie. Pretty Millie Myers with the tumbling curls and sparkly eyes, who’d only been courting with Simeon, a good decade older than herself, for a few months before her disappearance.

Now she’d gone the way of Rowena and Jessie and all the others, never to be seen again, a coffin filled with bricks marking the place where she’d probably never lie for real. Simeon drained his tankard of ale in a few gulps and signalled Tamsin, the barmaid, to bring the same again for himself and his brother. Tamsin smiled and nodded and went to fetch the drinks.

‘I’ll go to no more of those damned ‘funerals,’ Simeon told Jamie bitterly now. ‘I’ll tell you that much for nothing, brother. A coffin filled with bricks! How many more of these bloody disappearances will we have to bear? There’s scarcely a family left in the village that hasn’t been torn apart by ’em.’

Jamie nodded sympathetically and clapped his older brother on the shoulder. Jamie had been shocked to his core when his own lover Rowena had gone missing. He’d been consumed with guilt for months afterwards because he’d refused to walk her home through the forest after their love-making, when he’d tumbled her in his little bedroom beneath the eaves till they were both pleasantly sore and tired.

He’d been so tired, in fact, that he’d gone comfortably to sleep after their frantic coupling, leaving Rowena to hurry home through the trees. She’d been eager to get home before her father and brother found out she’d left the house and gone to Jamie Randall’s place. She’d never been seen again. For a while after he’d heard the news, Jamie had been distraught.

Now, however, he spent his evenings with Tamsin the barmaid, and life was definitely looking up. He’d climb the ivy up the wall of the tavern and clamber through her bedroom window. They’d spend an hour or two together as quietly as they could, on account of the fact that Tamsin’s father Jack Walton, the owner of the pub, slept just across the landing.

‘I blame them strange folks up at that there castle,’ said Arthur Sampson now, the father of Rowena and Jessie. Since the disappearances of his only daughters, he’d been a broken man. His thick brown hair had turned white and sparse and there were deep grooves now around his mouth and eyes. ‘Since they come ‘ere, there ain’t been nuthin’ but death and destruction come to our little village.’

‘Who owns it now, anyway?’ put in Jamie. ‘Is it still that Count fellow from foreign parts?’

Birney Castle at the edge of the forest had been empty, falling into rack and ruin, for many years. It had never been occupied in living memory of anyone in the village, as far as anyone knew. Then a nobleman from Romania called Count Dracula had come and leased the place, though in the year or so he’d been there, not a soul from the village had ever laid eyes on him.

The forest had become darker and more sinister than before, though, ever since this Count Dracula and his entourage had taken residence. No birds sang there any more and the sun shone there no longer. It was a dead place now, dead and evil, and there wasn’t a man in the village who would walk there alone, day or night.

‘It’s him all right, Count Whats-his-name,’ said Joshua Sampson grimly, a moustache of foam from his pint lining his upper lip. Joshua, a hot-headed lad of twenty-four- or-five, was Arthur Sampson’s son and the brother of the two missing sisters, Rowena and Jessie. ‘We should get up a party and storm the place, find out for ourselves what he’s done with our women.’

‘But we’ve no proof that it’s anything to do with the Count and whoever he’s got living with him at the castle,’ said Jamie, eyeing up Tamsin’s magnificent breasts in the low-cut blue dress, patterned all over with little flowers, that she was wearing tonight for work.

He couldn’t wait till closing-time came and he could climb the ivy up to Tamsin’s bedroom window. She might even be waiting naked on her bed for him with her legs accomodatingly spread for him. Tamsin hadn’t the prettiest face he’d ever seen on a woman, but her enormous breasts and general enthusiasm for his lovemaking compensated amply for any lack of looks.

‘What proof do we need?’ replied Joshua Sampson angrily. ‘Our women’s missing, ain’t they, and nothin’ like this never ‘appened before this Count came to the castle, did it?’

A general murmur of approval from the men in the bar greeted his words.

‘He’s right, Jamie,’ said Simeon, nodding his agreement. ‘I say we go up there and have a look around. Joshua’s right, after all. Until the castle was occupied, we never had any trouble around here. No women or girls ever went missing, that’s for sure.’

Again, the murmurs of approval and assent from the patrons of the bar, even from Jack Walton himself, the proprietor of the tavern. Jack had a daughter of his own, and was afraid of his life for his Tamsin’s safety.

‘Not tonight though, surely?’ said Jamie, disappointed. He had visions in his head of a lovely hour or two spent fondling Tamsin’s massive breasts and burying himself up to the hilt in her warm and oh-so-accommodating lady-parts.

However anxious he was to catch the perpetrator- or perpetrators- of these foul abductions, and he was as keen as anyone else in the village, Jamie did not want to spend the rest of tonight wandering around the gloomy forest up to his ankles in muck and thorns, not when he had the lovely Tamsin upstairs in her bedroom waiting for him. At least, she would be, as soon as this damned tavern emptied and the patrons stumbled drunkenly home.

‘Time now please, gentlemen,’ said Jack Walton, ringing the bell for closing-time as if in answer to Jamie’s prayers.

‘No, we’ll not go up there tonight,’ said Simeon thoughtfully. ‘We need to send someone up there first, during the day maybe, to scope out the lay of the land. It’d be madness to go tearing up there half-cocked tonight, in the dead of bloody night.’

‘Oh, absolutely, sheer madness,’ agreed Jamie, winking broadly at Tamsin as she ushered some of the patrons to the door, flapping their hands away smartly, with the ease of long practice, if they tried to grab her large plump bottom or a handful of soft white breast.

‘We’ll all make a plan,’ said Simeon, finishing up his ale and heading for the door.

‘Yes, a plan, good idea,’ echoed Jamie, his manhood already stirring in his breeches at the thought of Tamsin’s curvaceous body lying warm and compliant beneath his own. ‘Tomorrow, we’ll all make a plan…’




Tamsin had already undressed for bed when Jamie entered by the window, clattering more noisily than was usual as he missed his footing and went sprawling awkwardly to the floor. He leapt up nimbly with a grin, the grin that had already charmed the undergarments off of more than a hundred women from the village of Birney to London Town, and not all of them from the peasant classes, either.

‘Are you trying to wake up Father?’ giggled Tamsin. ”Cause he’ll be in here in a flash, you know he will, if he thinks I’m up to summat. His bedchamber’s only down the landing.’

‘Don’t I know it?’ replied Jamie with a grimace. ‘You only remind me every time I come here to visit you.’

‘Well, you know how strict he is with me,’ said Tamsin. ‘I’m his only daughter, after all.’

She didn’t add that some evenings after the Tavern had closed, her father would take her across his knees for a painful, bare-bottomed spanking to punish her for being overly familiar or flirtatious with the customers, or for allowing them to fondle her ample breasts or backside.

Tamsin was a natural flirt with enormous breasts and round, curvaceous buttocks. She also supplied the patrons of her father’s tavern with a friendly face and a listening ear, which, combined with her physical charms, made her a very popular barmaid indeed with the customers. But Jamie was her favourite, always had been, and well he knew it.

Tamsin hadn’t been altogether disappointed when Rowena Sampson, who’d always given Jamie the eye, had been the first young and pretty woman to disappear from the village. As far as Tamsin had been concerned, the less competition there was for the handsome Jamie Randall’s attentions, the better she liked it.

‘That’s a pretty night-gown,’ he commented now as he swiftly disrobed. ‘Such a shame, really, that you won’t be wearing it for long.’

Tamsin giggled again, allowing Jamie to pull the peach-coloured, beribboned nightie over her head, leaving her as naked as the day she was born. The nightie was consigned to the floor and Jamie launched himself enthusiastically at the breasts and buttocks he’d been eyeing up all evening in the tavern. Oh, but she had some truly marvellous curves…!

‘What were you and all the other men plotting earlier, then?’ she asked him, enjoying the feel of his strong capable hands on her nude body.

Jamie grinned, but he kept his fingers busy while he answered:

‘There’s talk of getting up an angry mob to storm the castle, you know, pitchforks and blazing torches, the works. See if that’s where the missing women are being held. That’s if they’re still alive,’ he added, more seriously.

‘That place gives me the creeps,’ shuddered Tamsin as she wrapped her own capable fingers around the shaft of Jamie’s erect manhood and began to stroke it eagerly. ‘All those blank staring windows and crumbling chimneys. And the garden’s like a jungle, it is! God knows what’s crawling around in those thorny bushes. Probably a million rats. Eeuw.’

She shuddered again theatrically for effect. Jamie wondered briefly what was lurking behind those darkened windows, like dozens of bleak eyes staring at you. The place was an eyesore all right. He’d raze it to the ground if it were up to him.

‘Forget about that place,’ he urged his lover now as he mounted her and placed his swollen manhood at the entrance to her much-moistened lady-parts. ‘It doesn’t matter. All that matters now is this. Us.’

He entered her with one swift fluid movement that nearly took her breath away, then she moaned so loudly that Jamie clamped a hand down over her mouth in alarm.

‘You’ll have your old man in here if you’re not careful,’ he admonished her while continuing to thrust in and out of her so vigorously that she was nearly lifted off the bed with the ferocity of his movements.

‘Sorry,’ she giggled, trying her hardest to control her responses as Jamie’s love-making pushed her almost to the heights of ecstasy.

It certainly wouldn’t do to have her father come rushing in here now before she’d even attained her own climax. Jamie made her feel like a real woman, unlike some of the men she’d had in her bed before now. Boys and old men they’d been, just boys and old men, not a real man like Jamie.

She gasped involuntarily as his wicked fingers probed between her buttocks to find the secret hole that nestled there, while simultaneously locating her special lady-bud and rubbing it a bit with his knuckles. Ooooh, Jamie Randall, you devil! What are you doing to me? You KNOW what touching me there does to me!

As silently as she could manage it, she rode the crest of her orgasmic wave before collapsing, trembling, in Jamie’s arms. What a wonder he was between the sheets, her Jamie! What an absolute marvel. She was so very glad they’d found each other.

‘I’m coming now,’ he forewarned her, intensifying his thrusting as his handsome face turned red with his efforts.

With a grunt, he spilled his seed in her, breaking wind loudly then as he pulled out and rolled over onto his back, closing his eyes for a few minutes’ rest as he always does. His loud emission did not smell fragrant, but rather of the ale and pork pies he’d consumed with enthusiasm earlier, downstairs in the Tavern.

Holding her nose in distaste, Tamsin lay beside him and waited impatiently for him to rouse himself as she always did. Maybe her marvel of a wonder of a man could be persuaded into an encore before shimmying back down the ivy and heading for home.




After Jamie had gone home, Tamsin stood by the open bedroom window, breathing in the refreshingly cool night air. She had every intention of leaving the window open until the smell of Jamie’s ale and pork-pies, coupled with his sweat, had disappeared completely from her bedroom. Tamsin adored the company of men but, as she’d remarked to herself on an occasion or two, they didn’t half smell rank at times.

She hadn’t bothered to put her peach-coloured and beribboned nightgown back on, and she greatly enjoyed her own daring in standing bare-breasted at the open window, letting the cool night breeze lap against her nipples and stiffen them. It was almost sexual, she thought, the way the breeze felt on her soft white breasts.

Her father would certainly punish her most severely if he knew that she was standing stark-naked at her window, having just been made violent love to by Jamie Randall, the village Lothario. It surely wouldn’t be just a spanking across his knees with the flat of his hand that she’d be getting, either. Not for something as serious as this.

No indeed, for something this serious she’d be hauled by the ear out to the little woodshed at the back of Jack Walton’s Tavern, and there made to take off her dress and drawers for a painful strapping on her bare behind from her father’s belt.

Tamsin may have been twenty-eight years old but she was still subject to the rules and regulations of her father’s house. He’d always been very strict with her, mainly because she was his only child and her mother had died when she was a baby. He was so protective of her.

Tamsin supposed that she could always marry and move away from her father’s house. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t had suitors. But she liked it here in her father’s house, she reflected now as she leaned her elbows properly on the bedroom windowsill and gazed up dreamily at the night sky.

It was grand and comfortable here, and working in her father’s tavern meant that she could have a different man in her bed every night if she was so inclined, which she was. It might have to be the same man more than once, mind you, the village wasn’t that big.

But the life suited Tamsin well enough and besides, she thought now, unless she could marry Jamie Randall, whom everyone in the village agreed wasn’t the marrying kind, she didn’t want to marry anyone at all and that was a fact.

How beautiful the sky looked tonight, though! The moon was out and the stars had surely never looked more twinkly or brilliant. There was even a bat, she noticed in surprise, a big black bat seemingly hovering no more than a few feet from her window.

The real surprise was that she wasn’t screaming and slamming the window shut in a panic. She normally couldn’t abide bats, with their nasty flapping leathery wings and all. And this bat was positively gigantic, the biggest bat she’d ever seen in her whole life.

The strange thing was that she wasn’t remotely afraid of this bat. In fact, her mind was already framing the words ‘come in’ even as her body was stepping back to let it enter into her bedroom. It flapped over her head, but she was not in the slightest bit worried that it would entangle itself in her long tousled hair as she’d heard that bats were wont to do.

No, Tamsin was not in the least bit frightened of this bat. And even more strangely, when she turned away from the window to greet it properly it was no longer there. In its place was a man, a man much older and taller and even, dared she say it, more handsome than her Jamie, who’d always been pleasing to look upon.

‘Good evening, Tamsin,’ the man said in his cool, cultured slightly accented tones. ‘You’ve been quite the wicked little slut tonight, haven’t you?’

Tamsin flushed excitedly and whispered: Yes Master, a wicked, wicked little slut.’

‘And what happens to wicked sluts, Tamsin?’ continued the man, throwing off his black cloak and lowering Tamsin to her knees in front of him.

‘They are punished, Master?’ she breathed, her brown eyes wide as he adjusted his linen and removed from the folds of his clothing the largest, most impressive male organ she’d ever seen, and Tamsin had seen a lot of male organs.

‘Yes, my dear Tamsin,’ he said softly now, his dark eyes beginning to glow red in the gloom of her unlit bedroom. ‘They are punished. But not yet,’ he added almost mischievously. ‘First you will take this in your mouth and suck it. And suck, and suck, and suck…’

Sandra Harris is a Dublin-based novelist, film blogger and movie reviewer. She has studied Creative Writing and Film-Making. She has published a number of e-books on the following topics: horror film reviews, multi-genre film reviews, womens’ fiction, erotic fiction, erotic horror fiction and erotic poetry. Several new books are currently in the pipeline. You can browse or buy any of Sandra’s books by following the link below straight to her Amazon Author Page:

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