What the Hell is Erotic Horror and WHY Would Anyone Want to Write It?

Dangling on the Edge of Insanity

You all may have noticed (or not if you’ve never read my work, and shame on you) that most of my stories include sex or at least the mention of sex. Weird, romantic, disturbing, funny, confusing; I like to write all the sex.


The best sex writing, though, is the kind erotic horror inspires me to write. I didn’t realize I might actually be good at it until recently, when I was invited to submit something for DarkFuse’s Erotikos series. (which is going to be AWESOME, by the way) You can read the teaser story, GOOD VIBRATIONS, written by yours truly, for free. Here’s a look at the trailer.


To say I was excited to be involved in this series would be an understatement. I wasn’t sure what Erotikos editor, Dave Thomas expected, because a lot of people, publishers included, have different ideas of what the genre is…

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