The Spectre of Sexual Abuse Haunting Verónica (2017)

2017’s Verónica, directed by Paco Plaza (REC) and co-written by Plaza and Fernando Navarro, is a Spanish horror film that has become the victim of its own marketing, facing backlash from many viewers who felt that its scares fell short of the extravagant terrors that they had been promised. Ostensibly based on true events, the film follows the story of Verónica, a young woman whose family life is anything but tranquil. Following the loss of her father, Verónica is forced to take on the involuntary role of surrogate parent to her three young siblings while her mother works long shifts at a local cafe to support the family. After an ill-fated bout with a ouija board in which she attempts to make contact with her father, Verónica and her younger siblings seem to be stalked by a terrifying paranormal presence in their home.

Taken at face-value, the…

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