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It is the year 1890 and Dracula and his sex-crazed entourage, having made the English village of Birney too hot to hold them, have decamped for safety to Dracula’s ancestral castle in Transylvania, home to the Draculas since time immemorial.

Accompanying him are his beautiful pregnant wife Anna, their baby daughter Lucrezia and Anna’s faithful maidservant Valeria, all the nude handmaidens and chief amongst their number, the gorgeous Glamara. Igor, the Count’s loyal Gate-keeper, and Dracula’s wickedly bewitching Cousin Carmilla, who is now the Count’s captive, are also present.

Given that the crumbling castle in darkest Transylvania is already occupied by the Count’s mother, his siblings and all of their servants, as you can imagine it looks certain to be quite the crush. Buckle your seatbelts, dear readers and fellow vampire enthusiasts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

This book, as all the ‘ANNA’ books are, is dedicated to the late Sir Christopher Lee, whose performances in the HAMMER ‘Dracula’ films inspired every word of it. May he rest in peace… until he rises once more from the crypt in which he lieth…



‘I don’t like your Cousin Carmilla,’ Anna told her husband as they prepared for bed. She wore a long, fetchingly transparent nightgown that accentuated her curves and her by now hugely pregnant belly.

She sat at her dressing-table and brushed her long blonde hair until it shone like the moon that peeped through the curtainless window of the tower that housed their marital chamber. ‘I don’t like the way she was looking at me at dinner earlier.’

Dracula sighed. Continuing to disrobe and place his garments in an orderly fashion across the back of a chair, he said, without much interest: ‘What way was that, then, my sweet?’

‘Like… like she knows things I don’t. Private things, about you and her. Things I’m not privy to, apparently.’

Dracula sighed again and rolled his eyes. Why were women always so insanely curious about a man’s previous relationships? Surely anything that had occurred in a man’s past was his own damned business. Naked, he climbed into bed and said:

‘Am I being held responsible now for the way that my cousin looks at you, my dearest Anna? Surely this is a trifling matter and one for which I cannot be held accountable.’

‘You’re splitting hairs,’ said Anna, pulling back the red wine-coloured coverlet and getting into bed beside him. ‘Why won’t you tell me what went on in the past between you and her, that smirking bitch? Or what’s going on between you now? Why are you so reticent on the subject of Carmilla Karnstein?’

‘Because there’s nothing to tell,’ Dracula said, pulling her into his arms and beginning to expertly caress her big, pregnancy-swollen breasts. ‘We’re cousins. We more or less grew up together. Our families, after all, the houses of Dracula and Karnstein, have been entwined since the beginning of time.

‘Yes, there may have been something in the way of a silly teenage romance between us at one point, centuries ago, but it was a pitiful, short-lived thing, sparked no doubt by the inevitable flaring up of teenage hormones and over almost as soon as it began. The reason I don’t talk about it is because there’s literally nothing to talk about. Am I making myself clear?’ He took Anna’s hand and placed it on his semi-erect penis.

‘Then why does she still look at you as if you’re her personal property?’ Anna persisted.

Dracula groaned. ‘How the devil should I know?’

‘Is she still carrying a torch for you, maybe?’

‘If she is, then it’s her own look-out and nothing to do with me,’ Dracula said impatiently. ‘Now listen to me, woman, and listen closely. As you know, I am not in the habit of repeating myself, but I will make an exception this once.

‘There is nothing going on between myself and Carmilla. And you know, do you not, that I will have business to attend to over the next several days that will take me away from the castle? So, knowing that, do you really wish to spoil our last night together before I leave with talk of my Cousin Carmilla?’ He put his hand between her thighs and began to caress her there with firm, confident strokes.

‘I… I suppose not,’ breathed Anna, beginning to relax against him in spite of her continuing misgivings. There was something about his repeated denials of any but the most innocent of relationships with Carmilla that set Anna’s teeth on edge.

It was not that she did not trust her husband’s word. It was more that she did not trust that superior bitch Carmilla an iota. She was as treacherous as any snake in the grass and she, Anna, meant to keep A Very Close Eye on Madame Carmilla in the future. After all, it shouldn’t be difficult now the wretched woman was actually domiciled with them.

But for now, the Count was distracting her with the movements of his clever, knowing fingers between her thighs. She could feel herself becoming wet there and began thrusting her little soft pussy at his hand in her eagerness to achieve her orgasm. The Count had a mischievous streak to his character, however, and at one stage withdrew his hand and closed his eyes as if to sleep.

‘Oh, please don’t stop!’ Anna begged, taking his hand and replacing it.

‘Oh, I wasn’t aware that you were all that interested,’ he teased as he resumed the swirling, tantalisingly lazy movements of his fingers against her throbbing clitoris.

‘Oh yes, of course I’m interested, I beg you not to stop! Pray continue, Master, or I… I don’t know what I’ll do! Just, please, please don’t stop what you’re doing. Oh, I love you, Master, I love you so much!’

Her orgasmic scream was wrenched from her as she trapped his hand between her thighs and quivered from head to foot for what seemed like an age, then she fell back against him, her eyes filled with emotional tears.

He kissed her hard on the mouth, then put her hand once more on his cock. It was good and big now, and rock-hard, and the Count was ready for more than just a little finger-play, however delightfully amusing that had been.

Anna was already on her side beside him, so he positioned himself behind her and slipped his cock into her that way. He took her breasts into his hands from behind and massaged them, pinching and squeezing her nipples, causing them to stiffen and elongate most satisfactorily. He kissed and nibbled on her neck and shoulders and, when she looked back at him with a smile, he bit down hard on her neck. Soon, he was climaxing himself and Anna’s body gratefully received his issue.

‘Did that blow your cobwebs away, then?’ he said afterwards with a lascivious grin.

‘Oh yes,’ she enthused, hoping against hope that he wouldn’t get up now and leave her bedchamber in favour of Glamara’s, his chief handmaiden and, before the arrival of dear sweet Cousin Carmilla, her only real rival. ‘Will you stay the night, dear Count, please?’

‘I think I well,’ Dracula said with a comfortable yawn. ‘As long as you don’t start talking about my bloody cousin again. Get your nightgown off, for starters.’

Obediently, Anna slipped out of bed. She stood and pulled the filmy, transparent material off her body, allowing it to fall to the floor, and stood naked by the bed with the moon behind her, glinting as it peeked in the window of their tower bedroom. The Count caught his breath. She was magnificent in pregnancy, with her pearly-white skin, her deliciously pendant breasts and the long golden hair that tumbled so bewitchingly down her back.

‘Now come here,’ he ordered, indicating his penis which, having already seen action once tonight, was once more active and ready and willing for the fray. She climbed onto the bed beside him, not without some difficulty because of her increased size. ‘You know what to do, woman,’ he went on, indicating his tumescence with a slight incline of his noble dark head.

Anna smiled and mounted him, lowering herself onto him with a cry of pleasure. He was fully erect and his cock filled her lady-parts as if they had been each made for the other. She tipped her head back and let her long, glorious hair stream down her back like a waterfall of gold silk, then she cupped his swollen man-sac and began to manipulate it, much to his lustful satisfaction. Entranced by the sensuous picture she made, he reached up and took her breasts in both hands, fondling them till they hurt, and she moaned in ecstasy.

As she rode him, however, giving every outward appearance of enjoyment, her tiresome mind refused to cease pondering the subject of Carmilla, the beautiful and mysterious visitor whose connection to Dracula Anna was determined to somehow unearth. There was something between them, she knew there was, she just knew it. And she was going to find out what it was, even if she incurred the Count’s displeasure or, more likely, his all-encompassing wrath.

‘I’m coming, woman’ he said now, his bare chest heaving and his dark eyes almost black with desire.

‘I’m ready, my dearest love,’ she replied.


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